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*grins* I'm an obsessive compulsive neat freak

I'm bored. And I'm in one of those cleaning moods. You know the ones, where all of a sudden you start doing laundry, washing anything that has been in a dresser for over two months because it might smell. And you dust EVERYTHING. And clean every window, mirror, TV screen, computer monitor and anything else of that material in a fifty yard radius.

Well, I'm too lazy to actually clean...but my hands appear to be working my computer is being organized. :o)

I've created about 15 folders to sort through My Briefcase and My Documents. I renamed a ton of files, as well as delete some. I set up every folder so that it was in list view (because large icons are just...flames! ARG!)

Next stop: My Music folder. Whew. We all know how much people suck at labeling mp3s. Mine will be beautiful in a matter of a couple hours.

Study for French final? Bah! My hard drive needs to be organized!!

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