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I'm at my sister, Cici's, apartment. I made my niece lunch, then told her to take a nap. She's currently still up and watching Toy Story 2. Oh yeah, she listens to me well. "No toys, it's naptime." I walk in and she's sitting there playing Game Boy. Grrr. I decided to bring some blank CDs and steal some of my sister's cool programs that she got on her new computer. I used about one fifth of the entire CD and I copied her updated version of CD Creator, her good Dell imagery/photo studio software, along with some other stuff I decided to copy to take up space. That took about 5 minutes and I was bored again.

She has a tv and DVD player and all that fun stuff, but I'm not in the mood for that. So, I rigged up her elaborate set up for connecting to the internet through dial up. I wanted to check my e-mail, but I don't know how when I'm not at home. There's no website I can go to. Maybe I'll try to set up her Outlook Express to receive my mail.

I gave in and had to bring my semi-broken portable CD player into the my car. It took me about ten minutes to try and find the car kit. Why would I need a car kit when I bought it in sixth grade. Finally found it and listened to Celebrity all the way here. It's only semi-broken, because although it works, the lid falls off when you open it, and doesn't quite close all the way, you sort of have to hold it on. It's complicated, but soon I'm going to get an mp3/CD player. Happy! 20 hours of music on one CD...why didn't they think of that before?

Waiting sucks. I have to stay here until the furniture people bring the curio cabinet. "Sometime between one and five." I could be stuck here for another 3 and a half hours. There's nothing wrong with the apartment (I love it, Cici...don't kick me out...), but I want to be free. It wouldn't be bad if I was just hanging out here, but it's the psychological thing of being stuck here. I must stay here. It has that "the walls are closing in on me" type of feeling. Blah. Hmmm, time to raid the pantry.

Well, I should probably wrap up this entry. It's been my experience that people tend not to read entries that are really long. Ah, sucks to be you then. Never know when I'm going to say something funny, or relevant. You might be missing out. Ta ta.

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