July 12th, 2008

I've Sure Enjoyed the Rain

I'm getting old and I need something to rely on...

Two posts in one day when I haven't been on here at all in like...a month? Well aren't you folks lucky?

(Though I suppose technically, it's not the same day as it is just past midnight here, but who needs that distinction?)

Today was odd. I was in an almost introspective, though trying not to be mood. I was quite accomplished. I stopped by Waterford Pointe to pick up my refundable deposit (since we were rejected for that apartment), then I stopped by Waterford East to ask them to stop badgering me with phone calls and to send me back my refundable deposit (since we were also rejected for their apartment). Then I went to the bank to redeposit the aforementioned money from the Pointe.

Annoying as hell, but it's over with.

Then I went down to the Fossil Outlet on I-Drive. I was intending to have them change out the battery in my watch (which died a few days ago). But it cost $18, and my watch is very scratched and starting to get foggy on the inside (and I've already replaced that battery twice). So instead I bought myself a kick-ass new watch for $40 (retail price: $75). Good deal and I love it already.

On the way back to the car I headed toward the Coach Outlet. I knew I shouldn't have. I knew before I walked into that store that I would be leaving with a new Coach bag, and (like Oedipus) I followed my self-fulfilling prophesy to a T. Now, a few weeks ago, I was at the regular Coach store, just to drool, but sadly, nothing popped out or really appealed to me in the least. But the outlet had a bag that I had ogled last season. A hobo bag with pink and magenta Cs and a leather strap. Retail: $280. I paid $150.

Now, I know that I'm broke and that was probably irresponsible, but my justification is that it's a graduation gift to myself. Or from my family. I haven't spent any of the money I received, so I figured I should. Because it would be sad if all my gift money went to bills and food.

So new Fossil watch and new Coach purse and I was feeling a million times better (because I have a bit of a shopping addiction and spending large quantities of money at stores makes me feel better. My DVD collection alone has gotten me out of more ruts than I can count on both hands).

A little later in the day, I also went to Old Navy. I needed to pick up something pink for the Steel Magnolias party (we were required to wear two shades of pink). I got a magenta tank and a pink and white striped short-sleeved sweater and wore them together with my plastic pink bead necklace. It wasn't as clashy as it would seem (and I had a gift card to put toward the outfit).

The dinner and a movie night was good. As predicted, I was the only girl amidst five gay guys (three guys from work and two boyfriends) and it was lovely. We even had jambalyah for dinner, and a red velvet armadillo cake (to go with the theme). There are tentative plans to do something similar for Drop Dead Gorgeous. Fantastic.

At this point, I have shed most of my funk and feel oddly content. Alright.

However, I have work tomorrow at 7:45am, and I need to shave my legs (so that adds about 10 minutes to the morning routine), and so I must be off to bed.