April 3rd, 2008

Neil Patrick Harris - Suit up!

-I guess you've gotten used to being by yourself...? -You never really get used to it.

My long week is finally over.

On Tuesday, I turned in my completed draft of my thesis.

Today, I turned in my term paper, and then took my Geography test. I think both went very well.

So tonight? I am having a one-woman party with a bottle of cheap champagne (you know it's quality when it has a twist-off top) and watching a Law & Order: CI episode with Neil Patrick Harris playing a sociopathic killer (not my favorite role for him, but I'll take what I can get). Thank you, TiVo Wish List for picking up on that one.

When this is over, I'll probably put on a Netflix and get to bed by 11:30 or so.

This weekend, I might see a couple movies (I still haven't seen Stop-Loss, and tomorrow, Leatherheads opens). Then, Saturday and Sunday will probably be spent at Disney. My brother, his wife, and their daughter are coming down, so I believe my parents and possibly some of the other Florida family will be heading out this way as well. Yay.