April 1st, 2008

Alice - (you're all mad!)

Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Silly (or possibly not-so-silly) hypothetical question:

How do you write a conclusion for a 30-page thesis?

No, seriously. How do I sum that all up into a conclusion? What if I feel I haven't actually learned anything? What if the entire thing is total bollocks?

But yeah, you read that right. 30 pages. By the time I bang out a conclusion, I'm guessing it will be 32 pages (double-spaced, of course). Add in the footnotes (also double-spaced, because my professor has instructed me to do so), and we're looking at 38 prime pages.

Here's praying that my computers don't malfunction and my printer doesn't crap out...
Helena Bonham Carter

Buy Pirelli's Miracle Elixir, anything will slick, sir, suits, brass, curls...

Just a friendly reminder, for those of you so inclined, Sweeney Todd is out on DVD today.

And fear not, this is not an April Fool's prank...it really is available to own. Right now, even!

I shall be picking up my copy later, after I turn in my thesis draft*. Until then, I will be attempting to edit said thesis before, between (and probably during) class.


Additionally, if you haven't yet seen Sweeney Todd, I recommend you rent it. Though I doubt you'll be able to grasp the full effect of the blood squirting when it's not being projected onto a 100 ft. screen.

Also, if you haven't yet seen Sweeney Todd, I recommend you keep that fact to yourself. I don't take kindly to those who do not love the same movies that I love.

*The thing is a beast...I printed it out in 1.5 spacing without footnotes, just to edit, and it's 24 massive pages. The trees of the Amazon are screaming...I can hear them.
Pixar!Bird - eep

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I would just like it to be know, YET AGAIN, that I am a golden god.


My thesis? The one I last night predicted would be 38 pages (double spaced with footnotes)?

It's 38 pages. Double spaced, and with footnotes.

It's scary how amazing I am.

[PS - while the thesis is "finished" it is most certainly not finalized. And I haven't really done a good editing job of the entire thing yet. I've gone through different sections at different times to clean it up, but it's possible that the whole thing is a big tranny mess (to quote this year's winner of Project Runway). So I'll most certainly be finishing my own editing of it before I get it back with my thesis advisor's comments/revisions.]

But alas, it is nearly class time, so as soon as this bugger finishing printing, I'll be out.
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