March 26th, 2008

Covered in beeeees

Even the Scientologists know to start with a personality test...

Exciting news: our hot water heater should be fixed. I've taken 3 very cold showers (though sadly not the coldest showers of my life) in the past three days, so I shall undoubtedly enjoy tomorrow morning immensely.

Funny news: while the maintenance guy was here fixing the aforementioned hot water heater, the Mormons came to the door. I said I wasn't interested (and, I must admit, kinda laughed at them), at which point they asked me if the maintenance guy would be interested. I said "probably not," and promptly closed the door.

After, the maintenance guy made a call to the apartment manager to ask if the Mormons had gotten permission to go door-to-door and solicit residents. I'm guessing the answer was "no" because he responded with "alright, I'm going to tell them to leave."

Point breakdown: Maintenance guy - 1, Mormons - 0.

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Keira - Pretty hair

You may only call me "Mrs. Darcy" when you are completely and perfectly and incandescently happy.

Oh gosh, I am such a twit.

I didn't realize until I went on that today is Keira Knightley's birthday. She is 23, juste comme moi.

I feel the need to watch something. Hmmm...I own 8 of her films on I guess I have a few options. Pride and Prejudice perhaps. Or Bend It Like Beckham is always fantastic, and shorter than any of the Pirates trilogy (I do have quite a bit of work I should be doing).

Basically, I'm sending happy birthday vibes out into the cosmos.