March 25th, 2008


She was too OLD for Yentl.

I had a couple of the most bizarre school experiences today.

First, in my film class, we watched a movie on Laserdisc. Halfway through, the movie stopped because the disc had to be turned over.


We got back our "Urban Anxiety" papers and I did VERY well, again. It makes me so excited to do well in that class. I really enjoy writing about film.

Second, a half hour into my Theory and Criticism in Art class, a woman came in and informed us that "there's a bad chemical smell in the building, everyone has to evacuate."

Evacuate? Chemical smell?

Am I going to die?

I guess there are a lot of chemicals in the Visual Arts Building...are any of them dangerous enough to evacuate an entire building?

But we got out of class early, so I'm taking the opportunity to watch In & Out before I have to go back to campus for Geography. Perhaps that class will get out early as well.

I feel as though there was something else...but it seems to have slipped my mind. Zut.
Reel - B&W

-Everybody knows that! -Everybody where? The little gay bar on the prairie?

To go off of my last point, in which I discussed being so thrilled to write about films, I find this:

Citing "economic reasons" at The Village Voice, critic Nathan Lee said today that he was laid off by New York's alternative weekly effective immediately, according to The Reeler. The move marks the fourth recent full-time film writer departure at a New York paper, The Reeler's S.T. VanAirsdale noted, citing the recent Newsday announcement that Pat Wiedenkeller, Jan Stuart and Gene Seymour are exiting the daily. "And so I am, as they say, 'looking for work', though presumably not as a staff film critic as such jobs no longer appear to exist," Nathan Lee wrote in Monday's email, according to The Reeler.


Well, no work as a critic (I blame internet blogs).

I'll stick with finding art jobs. Film does not have good career opportunities. Ugh.
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