March 3rd, 2008

Daily Show - My News is Funny

He's showing a slideshow of his trip. He's not my president, he's my uncle Saul in Boca.

I am taking a short break in my hectic schedule for lunch and a little "Daily Show" (from last Thursday).


While, I'm fairly confident about the half of my Thesis that I have done, it's becoming clear that I will not finish it entirely by tomorrow.

On the upside, I'm done with my Geography homework, and I reedited my Film paper, so that's better. Which means the only thing I have left for tomorrow is my Thesis.

Moreover, last night after I was getting a little overworked on the thesis (and it was 1:15am and I was down to getting 6 hours of sleep anyway), I started to sift through the research I've collected for my History of Prints paper (comparing Rembrandt's "The Three Trees" etching to Whistler's "[something] Landscape"). So I kinda got a head start on that (reminder: the 8-page paper is due Friday).

And in the end, I managed about 4 and a half hours of sleep. I'm actually very awake today (so far). I probably won't feel the effects of all that until tomorrow (which is going to *suck*).

Alas, I've finished my lunch and this episode of "The Daily Show," so it's back to work I go.

I figure that I have a good 12 hours to get more work done today, plus still get 6 hours of sleep.

Ready, go.


PS - Brian Williams is not only one of my favorite reporters (possibly pulling ahead of Anderson Cooper because while he lacks those beautiful blue eyes, he's not as much of a pawn and still really attractive), but one of my favorite guest on "The Daily Show." He and Jon have such a good rapport.