January 29th, 2008

School - Notepad

'Cause you know I don't do sadness, not even a little bit, just don't need it in my life...

Life is crazy, but it's going.

Obviously, as posted previously, my Saturday festivities in Tampa were awesome (there are a ton of nearly identical pictures of me and Colleen on Facebook).

Sunday, I met up with the sister and brother-in-law at Magic Kingdom for the weirdest Disney day ever. It was beginning to seem like everything that could go wrong, did and it was by far the worst day at Disney any of us has ever had. The upside is that it provided for a lot of laughs, because if we hadn't just laughed it all off, we would have been crying and miserable.

Monday, I woke up early for class, and after two very long and eventful days...it was tough. But I trudged through (which is an accomplishment because History of Prints with Dr. Martin at 8:30am is HARD to sit though). And I hit up the UCF art gallery right after class so that I could go back to my apartment and write a review on the exhibit for my Theory and Criticism in Art History class.

I was super fast and by 11:15, I had the review done and printed and I got myself out of the apartment to go back to Disney (three days in a row of intensive walking for hours on end...). We were at the Disney Hollywood Studios this time, and things were far calmer and it was pretty fun. We got through the park pretty quickly, so we hopped over to EPCOT and had a nice sit-down dinner at the San Angel Restaurant (inside the Mexico pavilion). The food wasn't exceptional, but the margaritas were good and the atmosphere was fabulous. Unfortunately, I couldn't drink too much, because I had to a) drive back to my apartment and b) wake up early AGAIN for a FULL day of classes.


The upside? I got my American Cinema paper done and turned in, and my art review done and turned in. Plus, I got an extension on my thesis outline so I can do it this weekend and go to Disney for tomorrow after class and actually spend the night (aka - get drunk)!! Thursday's classes don't begin until 1:30pm, so I'll be able to get back by then.

The downside is that I do have a Geography exam on Thursday afternoon...so I need to study for that. Like...right now. So alas, I'll be occupying myself with that this evening.