January 17th, 2008

Art - Caillebotte - Rain

If I could make it rain today, and wash away this sunny day down to the gutter, I would...

This evening, I went to see Atonement for the second time, and dear god. It is so much more amazing the second time around.

Exquisite. Brilliant. Perfect, and all the rest of it.

The two roommates I dragged with (Anna and Colleen)...wouldn't agree. It was definitely way over their heads in terms of filmmaking, and the story wasn't nearly cheerful nor romantic enough for them. (One mentioned that P.S. I Love You was a better film. Eek.)

But despite their negativity (or possibly just ambivalence), I enjoyed it IMMENSELY!

After, Anna got into her mind that she wanted to watch a horror movie. I was adamantly opposed to this idea, but decided to go with her to Blockbuster so that I could at least control the level of horror. She wanted Saw IV, but I convinced her of The Reaping (Hilary Swank in a Stigmata-esque story about the plagues). Brandon from next door had nothing to do tonight, so he joined us and the overall consensus was good. It was fairly fucked up, but that was expected. There wasn't a whole lot of truly gross or gruesome things, and those that were in the film were generally shot and edited rather stylistically so you weren't fixating on disturbing images. Additionally, there weren't a whole lot of those tense, anxiety-ridden, typical-horror-movie moments that people who like the genre revel in, but generally just make me uncomfortable and lose opinion of the film. So that was good.

And now, I am working on calming down and getting my mind off of the craziness of a demonically possessed child bringing on the plagues. To do this...I'm watching some "Project Runway." Mmmm. Love.
Art - Leonardo - The Virgin (detail)

Mama who bore me, mama who gave me, mama the angels...

An amazing thing about my thesis?

Every time I go in to talk to my professor about it, I get a clearer idea of what I'm doing, a better understanding of my topic, and more enthusiasm to get it done.

It's like...instant inspiration.

Muse-like, really.

Which is almost ironic because there was no muse for art (stupid Greeks). Though I guess they valued thought and writing a great deal, so perhaps those muses are helping me out. I guess I'm not really doing art, like the melancholy sufferers of the world.

Oy...so much art theory and criticism on the brain.

And now to Physical Geography, one of the worst gen-eds I've ever taken (though it doesn't yet beat Finite Mathematics as the absolute worst gen-ed ever).
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