January 10th, 2008


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The more I listen to Playbill Radio (www.playbillradio.com), the more I realize that I'm a HUGE musical theater dork.


And I wish I would have gotten to see Les Miserables while I was in New York. But I really can't complain. I mean, I got to see 5 musicals. Mostly on the cheap:

Tues, Jan 1, 7pm: Spring Awakening - standing room, behind 20th row of orchestra seating - $26.50
Wed, Jan 2, 2pm: Avenue Q - bought ticket for rear mezzanine at $66.50, sat in front mezzanine, center (I was silly and bought a full-price ticket)
Fri, Jan 4, 2pm: Hairspray - front row (lottery), three seats off center - $25
Fri, Jan 4, 8pm: Mamma Mia! - standing room, behind 22nd row of orchestra seating - $21.50
Sat, Jan 5, 8pm: Wicked - front row (lottery), far left - $26.25

What makes it even better is that those seats (if you assume the standing room ones would be considered orchestra section) are worth $112+111.50+110+116.50+121.25 or $571.25 altogether. I paid $167.75. Boo-yah. (And if we take out Avenue Q, I paid $101.25 for tickets worth $459.75.)

But I LOVE that they play the music from Enchanted on Playbill Radio. Right now? Amy Adams singing the "Happy Working Song." Fantastic.