November 27th, 2007

Alice - (you're all mad!)

Oh, that we could always see such spirit through the year...

I've been thinking recently about getting a really kick-ass haircut. I haven't had so much as layers since I moved to Florida and stopped paying more than $15 for a cut (when mommy's not footing the bill, it puts things into rather harsh perspective and $80 is more than slightly unreasonable).

Anyway, I was thinking that if I am going to be back up Illinois anyway, I could make an appointment with my old stylist (aka my cousin's ex-wife's sister). I would need someone to take me to Gurnee, though. But I trust her slightly more than the chick at the SuperCuts in Spring Hill.

So what would I do? Well, I was thinking a Victoria Beckham. I think I might actually be able to pull it off, though it is a little scary and drastic. A safer choice would just be some drastic layering. That dye job wouldn't be bad either.

My only hesitation is upkeep. I don't think I'd be able to get it cut like that regularly, so how will it look (especially the Posh cut) when it starts to grow out? Might not be terrible, though. Right?


Also, "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is on. I had kinda forgotten it was Christmastime. Thanksgiving wasn't overly memorable, so it kinda passed without notice. And today was the hottest day so far this November (84 degrees), so it hasn't felt much like Christmas, or even winter.

But watching this movie, it reminds me that it is indeed that season, and it reminded me to change my cell phone ring to "Christmas Time is Here" (from "A Charlie Brown Christmas," of course). Yay! It's my favorite cell phone ring of all time.
Bones - Brennan and Booth

Just because I have breasts doesn't mean I have magical power over infants.

I'm going to guess that when they say "new episodes of 'Bones' coming in the new year," it means that I am "Bones"-less for the entire month of December.

Disappointing to the max.

However, tonight's episode was fabulous and I even got a little teary eyed at the end when Booth brought the Christmas tree for Brennan's family.

And the kiss...oy! I wanted some more lip action, but it was good enough for now. Until they actually start doing it.

But five weeks without a new "Bones"? Tragic to the max.

At least I have an episode of "House" now to ease the pain. BTW - I was super disappointed to see the black kid go last week, but the dumbass shouldn't have sold out to Cuddy
Alias - Sark - Flexible Loyalties

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For the record, I want "House" to pick Kal Penn (Kutner) and #13. Kal Penn because he's awesome and I want to see him permanently on the show. #13 because she's hot and a good character/good doctor.

Taub and the Bitch are fun for now, but I don't want them in it for the long haul. I can't see getting excited about watching them four months from now.
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CSI - Gil (crush)

-I'm not a miracle worker. -Well, that's obvious, Hodges, or else you wouldn't be rude.

The "CSI" Thanksgiving episode is (was) SUPER entertaining. I enjoy Hodges' game immensely.

PS - I'm so all about Wendy taking the CSI field test. (Especially since I don't approve of them bringing in a new replacement for Sara, so promoting within is good with me.)

I also wouldn't be opposed to her dating Hodges. There's definitely something there. Even if he finds her clumsy and buxom (or maybe because he finds her clumsy and buxom...).