November 20th, 2007


And Jesus, he wants to go to Venus, leavin' Levon far behind...

I'm about to head to Spring Hill, so I figured I'd post before I go under the radar (remember: internet is nonexistent at my sister's house). I'll have to take my laptop to Mama's house at some point this week.

However, I am uber excited because last night I purchased airline tickets for my Winter Break travels! Yay!

Tampa -> Chicago (ORD)
Saturday, December 15

Chicago (ORD) -> Tampa
Monday, December 24

Tampa -> New York (LGA)
Sunday, December 30

New York (LGA) -> Tampa
Sunday, January 6

I was able to find non-stop flights for both legs, and they didn't cost me an arm and a leg (maybe just a couple of toes). It was looking sketchy for a while there, and I was concerned about a possible layover in Philadelphia, but all panned out for the best and now I have a killer vacation planned!

[Note: I'll probably edit this post later and to give a more fully realized itinerary of my whole Winter Break.]