October 30th, 2007

Kate Hudson - Lady

-Who's stronger: Catwoman or Wonder Woman? -Wonder Woman. -I concur. Vehemently.

Rider Strong on "Bones" is awesome. Rider Strong as a registered sex offender on "Bones" is not quite so awesome.

Plus, Azura Skye (who was indeed on "House" last week, and may be best remembered as Sandra Bullock's roommate, Andrea, in 28 Days) is a sweet-ass private investigator.

Finally, Emily Deschanel as Wonder Woman is just amazing.

I'm considering watching Almost Famous later, for many reasons, not the least of which is Zooey Deschanel. Those are some cool fucking sisters.


In other news, while I rocked my last Anthropology exam with a 96%, my Chemistry exam came in slightly stunted at 89.6%. I'm not sure if he'll round up to an A-.

No word yet on 19th Century Art. I was so positive about it before that now I'm wondering if a) I may have jinxed it and b) I was too overly confident. I should know tomorrow, assuming the testing center is done with them.

Also, my film group decided to use Mean Girls for our project on Women in Film. It's pretty sweet and a good example of competitive women, etc.

And now...back to "Bones" and then "House."
Amanda Bynes

Well, I'll have you know I stand by my mayonnaise theory. And you're still a giant douche...

To continue with the "TV show guest star crossovers:"

The hottie from the season premier of "House" (#10 who looked somewhat like Jude Law and was fired by the middle of the episode), is also on "Chuck" as rogue CIA agent Lazslo.

He also happens to have played gay-boy Paul in She's the Man and one of the henchmen dudes in Live Free or Die Hard.

Dude. I love him.

BTW - "Chuck" is easily the best new show on TV this fall. Make sure you're all watching.

PS - His name is actually Jonathan Sadowski and he's awesome. He's from Chicago and graduated from UofI. Additionally, he's filmed a couple episodes of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" (with Lena Headey)...whenever that is going to air.