October 17th, 2007

Reel - B&W

-Still gay? -Me? No. I'm knee-deep in pussy. I just like the name so much, I can't get rid of it.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is so awesome. It a succeeds in all the ways that Hollywoodland and The Black Dahlia failed (I'm associating these based on similar genre and release dates).

I love the Film Noir genre. I love Neo-noir (assuming that such a genre can exist given that Noir necessarily not "neo," but that's an ontological argument for film scholars to embark upon). But I'm getting off topic...Neo-noir films are often failures. I can think of three successes: Chinatown (the original "Neo-noir"), L.A. Confidential, and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

Other than that, they're terrible. They are unimaginative, lack purpose, and are entirely disconnected with what it means to be a film noir.

It reminds me of Neoclassicism and Jacques-Louis David, actually. David created works that recalled Classicism not only in style and technique, but, most importantly, intention. He wanted to bring back the moral order of Antiquity, more than simply a pattern for his paintings. Other Neoclassicists mimicked Classical sources and style, but lacked the same concern for renewing Classical virtue (aka...they lacked intention).

In one of the best scenes in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Harry is hiding under the pink-haired girl's bed, right before she is killed. The girl gets on the bed, and the man with her sits on the edge, but keeps one foot on the floor. This is a reference to the Production Code and the restrictions facing Hollywood films between 1930 and 1960...one such rule was that if a man and woman were seen on a bed together, one foot had to remain on the floor at all times.

It's homage and referential, but never even approaches tacky parody.


There's a dream in the future, there's a struggle we have yet to win...

I just came back from seeing King of California, which I thought was RIDICULOUSLY good. Especially for a first-time writer/director. Michael Douglas was good, but Evan Rachel Wood was simply amazing.

I really, really enjoyed it and recommend it.

Again, I was recognized by a couple people working at the Enzian. It's nice, and I actually got offered free popcorn (they had made too much so there was extra), and totally should have taken it, but I don't really eat popcorn, so I turned it down. But I felt bad, because it was free and a really nice gesture. And in my delusions of grandeur, I wondered if they were talking about me in the kitchen.

But then, it makes me feel like a total loser, because I'm always there alone.

I like going to movies alone, I really do. But god...out of the last 17 films I've seen, I was alone 15 times. And that's just in the past couple months. I frequent movie theaters alone. I'm there alone more often then when I'm with someone.

I've only been to the Enzian once with other people...and that was last spring for the Florida Film Festival, when my group project dictated that we all be at the screening. It's a social type place...it's lonely when you're sitting by yourself at a table for two. At least at traditional theaters, you can get lost in the rows of seats.

But alas. I am coming down off the high from the movie (it really put me in an amazingly euphoric state of mind). So I should just go to sleep.

One last note...I think I'm going to dye my hair violently red tomorrow. I'm in need of a change.