October 15th, 2007

School - Desk

Hallo. Would you like a roll in the hay? It's fun. Roll, roll, roll in the hay!

I'm done with my paper!


Actually, I was done about an hour ago. The final edit went well...I think it's a pretty solid paper.

It's still too long. I only managed to get rid of about 4 lines, so it's 9 and 1/4 pages. Plus a page for endnotes and a page for works cited. Technically, it's 12 printed pages.

Unfortunately, I can't slack off or relax just yet. Always more work to be done, you know.

On the agenda for today:
- Class (at 2:30pm)
- Write one-page response for Women in Film (super simple...it's "What is the Production Code?")
- Study for Anthropology Exam (at 10:30am tomorrow)
- Study for Chemistry Exam (at 12pm tomorrow)

Then I'm good for a while. I have a 19th Century Art exam next Monday, and I should start studying for that soon, but I figure I can take a couple days off, mostly to catch up on my TiVo'ed shows. It's getting pretty full.

For now there's life, for now there's love, for now there's work, for now there's happiness...

Studying for my Anthropology exam and came across something we discussed briefly in class...

Evaluation of Culture
We can evaluate a culture based according to the following factors:
- nutritional status
- physical and mental health
- incidence of violence
- stability of domestic life
- relationship to its resource base

I'm fairly certain that based on those criteria, America loses. BIG time.


Also, did you know that humans are naturally lactose intolerant?

Adults are supposed to stop producing the lactase enzyme (because they don't require milk after being weaned).

Lactose tolerance (aka lactase retention) is a physical adaptation that emerged mostly in European populations as a result of herding cattle. Still, 20% of adults of European descent are lactose intolerant and over 70% of adults of Asia or African descent are lactose intolerant.


In other news, "How I Met Your Mother" was excellent tonight. I love Barney. So awesome.

And Ben Folds' song "Late" is frickin' awesome.
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