October 11th, 2007


I don't drink...wine.

It's officially my weekend!


19th Century Art was cancelled tomorrow because my professor has a doctor's appointment.

While it would be fabulous to have the next 96 hours off (yeah, that's right...my next class is Monday at 2:30pm), I regrettably have a great deal of work to get done.

Namely, my 8-page comparative paper on Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun's Marie-Antoinette and Her Children and Mary Cassatt's The Bath, due Monday. Also, studying for my Chemistry and Anthropology exams on Tuesday.

In other good news, I'm nearly done with "Emma." Under 100 pages left (my copy's 450). It's a really intriguing novel. It plays a lot with perception; how Emma perceives people, how and why her opinions of them change. The treatment of Jane Fairfax throughout the novel is particularly exciting.
Sara - Let's get reckless

And this boy is baking cakes at me!

They are saying that temperatures will be dropping into the 50s* this weekend!!!

Color me excited!

Fall** is finally arriving in Florida!!!!!

To give you perspective, it hasn't dropped below 72 degrees (which was a nightly low) in MONTHS! Definitely not in October, nor September. Possibly not since "Spring."

The downside? Temperatures will be bouncing back quickly, and we'll be returning to 86 highs/70 lows, as per usual. Blech.

*Though when I went to find corroborating evidence on weather.com, the forecast only calls for a low of 64 degrees. Boo.

**In case I haven't mentioned lately, Fall is my favorite season. So refreshing and crisp.
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Vino veritas

This is awesome times awesome. It's awesome squared.

By the way, there's a super cute billboards near my apartment that features a bottle of white wine and a big fish, with a heart between them, and it reads: "We met at EPCOT - Food and Wine Festival."

Then! I just caught a commercial. There are faux dating videos featuring beers, wines, and foods talking about finding their "perfect pairing."

It makes me happy and SUPER excited for the Food and Wine Fest! I'll be there October 27th!!!!

Then, on the 28th, we'll be hitting up Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Whee!!