October 6th, 2007

No Rain - Puddles

-Whatever. I'm glad I'm not a Jew. -So are we. You weren't chosen for a reason.

I just watched Knocked Up for a third (and a half) time. It was just as awesome as ever.

I know a lot of people who didn't like it because they said it was boring (meaning, it wasn't non-stop, laugh-out-loud hilarity and actually had a plot and semi-realistic storyline), but I think it's fabulous.

Some of the special features are pretty awesome too. There are two deleted scenes I thought particularly hilarious. The first is Eva Mendes commenting on Allison being so huge and pregnant that she was "like a house," and informed her that there were prenatal yoga classes to help that. It was sweet. The second features Jonah Hill going off on Brokeback Mountain and saying that if it were really a pro-gay film, there would have been at least one scene of Jake Gyllenhaal blowing Heath Ledger. I have to say...I agree whole heartedly.

I must purchase it. But I think I'm going to wait until it gets ridiculously cheap. Because you know there's going to be one week when that and 40-Year-Old Virgin are both like $9, and I will jump at the chance and buy them both. Until then, I will relive the hilarity by reading the quotes on IMDb.

I also saw Stardust again today, for a second time. It was still as good as I remembered, and I will most definitely own it on DVD. Charlie Cox is just so adorable and sweet (and ridiculously good looking after gay-pirate Robert De Niro fixes his hair and wardrobe). The plot is cool too.

Finally, I got the new Matchbox Twenty album. At first I was a little pissed that there are only 7 new songs, and the rest are "remastered" version (which sound the same to me) of their hits that I have already from the previous three albums. But the new songs are pretty sweet, so I don't really mind spending $10 on 7 songs.
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