September 20th, 2007

Old Books

How fabulous. Getting Marky Mark to take time from his busy, pants-dropping schedule to plant trees.

I came to a rather disturbing realization today.

I was reading "Emma" between my Anthropology and Chemistry classes and I remembered that Clueless is loosely based on Austen's classic.

Now, I love Clueless, but I really don't appreciate picturing Alicia Silverstone as Emma, and I would really rather not visualize Brittany Murphy every time Harriet's on the page (which is quite frequently).

On the upside, I don't mind seeing Paul Rudd prancing around my mind every time Mr. Knightley makes an appearance. Mmm...Paul Rudd.
Felicity Huffman - smile

There are actual adults waiting for me with margaritas. Look I'm in a dress, I have make-up on!


Alright. So I've been a little naughty this week.

But it's been happy!

I bought "Brothers and Sisters" season one, "Desperate Housewives" season three, and "Grey's Anatomy" season three.

My favorite ABC ensemble-cast shows!

Admittedly, they were expensive and possibly not entirely worth it. But, I did hunt for sales, and use coupons where I could, and by buying all three, I got a $20 rebate.