August 25th, 2007

Mark Wahlberg

Somehow still don't understand why I always have to miss you, why I have to make the call...

It's Tim Burton's birthday, and it works out perfectly that I got Planet of the Apes in the mail yesterday from Netflix.

Yes, I know it's supposed to suck. Yes, I saw that it had a 2-star rating on Netflix.

But it had Helena Bonham Carter, and moreover, it's the movie on which she met Tim Burton. So yes.

Oh, and Mark Wahlberg doesn't hurt things either. ;-)

I'd also like to go see The Nanny Diaries today. I didn't read the book and only heard mediocre reviews of it, so I'm hoping that the story will be more suited to a movie adaptation.

Final note, having roommates does not mean I necessarily have people to see movies with me. Alas, they think I'm crazy for being, well...I'll say "adamant about seeing movies" (read: "obsessed"). They generally don't want to go to movies that I do, either. I think need to find friends in the film program. Too bad they are all pompous assholes.

Oh, and Chris? I used my free movie ticket, so feel free to see something at the Regal without me.