May 3rd, 2007

Kate Walsh - Peppermills

I will live without it, but I won't make it if you can't be my friend.

I am >thisclose< to being obsessed with the potential Kate Walsh/"Grey's Anatomy" spin off.

It was entertaining, light, and airy, and the characters were developed, unique, and well-deliniated. Plus? Tim Daly and Amy Brenneman. They'd been advertising Taye Diggs, but fuck him. Tim Daly is hella hot and I still love him. ("Wings," anyone?)

And...well, I love Kate Walsh.

As for the "Grey's" was decent. I'm afraid that losing Addison will eliminate the fun that I adore so much. I see that getting to the end of a season, they tend to up the drama. But I'm afraid that it's going to end up like "Ally McBeal" vs. "The Practice." And while I love drama, it's so much easier to love comedy!

It'll be fine when they are two separate shows. It's a tough transition between the two genres.