April 22nd, 2007

HP - Rita - Reporting with Style

But Jesus, he wants to go to Venus, leavin' Levon far behind...

First, there are some fabulous new HPatOotP pictures over at Rotten Tomatoes. Go forth and enjoy. (I highly recommend the "high resolution" versions...mmm...)

Second, I never read "The Golden Compass" (though I heard excellent buzz about it). I wasn't overly interested in the movie version until I saw that Daniel Craig would be starring, and looking mighty fine: Oy, those eyes!

Third, while tooling around Fandango, I discovered a quarky new British film with the lovely and talented Matthew Macfadyen called Death at a Funeral. Synopsis: "A dysfunctional British family gathers for the patriarch's funeral. Tensions rise, old conflicts are uncovered, and when a man arrives saying he's the dead man's gay lover and threatens blackmail, drastic measures are taken."

Needless to say, I believe hilarity will ensue!

And now...I need to get back to retooling my script. I have 20 pages to write in two days...EEP!
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I'm sorry, did that joke just arrive in a time machine from 1992?

So I'm doing a bit of research for my script, in which one of my characters draws comic-book type superheroes.

Now, I'm a bit geeky, but I really know nothing about comics.

However, the internet is wonderful and I discovered that DC comics scouts for new talent at the San Diego Comic-Con (who knew?). Anyway, my character is quite poor, so I was at the Comic-Con website and noticed that they take volunteers (a good way for my character to get his foot in the door for free).

So I'm checking the volunteer application and I kid you not, it says: "Are you fluent in a Language other than English or Klingon?"



(Sorry for the long set up to that brief punchline. If I had said "I was looking at a volunteer form for the San Diego Comic-Con and found..." y'all might have jumped to some conclusions that I'd like to avoid. Mainly, that I'd volunteer/attend a comic book convention.)