March 21st, 2007

Timothy Omundson

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So I know "Psych" has only been off the air for three weeks...but I want season one on DVD now.

Theoretically, I could download episodes from iTunes, but restricting viewing to my computer makes me angry. has a listing for preorder, but it's not being released until June 26th (and the current price is $42). That's three months away and really expensive!


I'm not patient enough for that.


Funny thing I was thinking earlier: Americans are both the laziest and the most impatient people ever. (Maybe it's just me?)


Final note: What the hell did Margaret Hoolihan ever see in Frank Burns? He's such a whiny pansy. Clearly Hawkeye would be the better shag.
Daily Show - My News is Funny

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Just to let you all know...if I had a choice between Naveen Andrews and Matthew Fox (and that's a tough choice), I'd totally take Naveen. I mean...look at that hair!

However, if I were stuck on a deserted (or possibly deserted...or whatever) island with both of them...I definitely wouldn't rule out a threesome.
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I spent my afternoon canvassing around Winter Park and Waterford Lakes to promote the film I'm working with for the Florida Film Festival. It kinda sucked. But I didn't have to do it alone, I went with the two guys in my group.

But bah. It wasn't that it was hard, but it was long and time consuming and TIRING.

I think I'm taking the rest of the day off to watch TV and movies (I have A Perfect Storm and Happily Ever After from Netflix).

Unfortunately, I have a semi-mega-huge-important Italian Renaissance Art exam on Friday that I should really start studying for. I'm just drained. So drained that I fucked up the grammar there and put "for" at the end of a sentence (stupid preposition), but I'm too tired to backspace and fix it.

So tomorrow I guess I'll do some major studying and freaking out and hopefully not fail my exam.'s really important that I do exceedingly well on that exam. Ugh.

On a happier note, Sandra Bullock was cute when she was on the Daily Show recently, and she was even cuter with Julian McMahon on Ellen. It almost makes me want to see Premonition. She's funny and endearing and I love it...though I don't think the same will be conveyed in the film. Plus she's looking hot...much better than she did back in 1994 with Speed.
Cici - meow

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On last Friday's Ellen, she got to feed a baby tiger! Oh! They are so cute and pretty and I love kitties. Especially the really big ones.

Oh! I want to feed a baby tiger!


You know...I think dogs are fine. I can get excited about them for a little while, and I like that dogs make other people happy, but I don't think I'll ever own one. If I do, at some point, get a dog, I think it will have been an impulsive thing and I doubt I'd ever love it at much as I love kitties.

OH! Now she has a cheetah!!

So pretty!!!

And it's purring!

I want a kitty. It doesn't have to be a tiger or cheetah, just a common house cat. I wish my apartment allowed pets. :-(
Kate Winslet - Eyebrow

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I forgot how much I loved "Bones" until it came back on. Mmm..."Bones!"

I want Booth (David Boreanaz) and his hot, hot body. Temperance (Emily Deschanel) ain't hard on the eyes either.

And Cam reads trashy romance novels. That bumps her up a few notches in my book.