March 17th, 2007

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I only lied about being a thief...

Nothing like Ocean's 11 and Fazoli's to make a dinner break enjoyable. I love the part where they are all lined up at the fountain.

I've gotten a moderate amount accomplished today, but my Italian Renaissance paper is like pulling teeth. 8 pages to compare/contrast Andrea del Castagno's Last Supper with Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper. Pulling. Teeth. I think I know all the points I want to make, but I'm really not sure I can make 8 pages. And it has to be on the 8th page...he said so. It only has to be one line on that page (so 7 pages and 1 line), but it has to hit 8 pages. Ugh!

I think after my break I'm going to switch to my Film History paper. Maybe I can get that one knocked out tonight, and finish Italian Renaissance tomorrow. The Film paper will be much easier. Discussing Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, Claude Chabrol's Les bonnes femmes, and Roberto Rossellini's Open City in terms of director's style and themes, the way they fit into their respective movements (Hollywood, French New Wave, Italian Neorealism), and how they compare to the examples of those movements we watched in class. And it only has to be 6 to 7 pages.

I could probably write 10-12 on that. But 8 pages for The Last Supper? Gag me with a spoon.

Well, back to the grindstone, I think.
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By the way, I want to Bond-ify the Indiana Jones franchise.

Now, that's not to say I want to give Indy high-tech gadgets and an Aston Martin. What I'd love to do is replace Harrison Ford, but still have the "Indiana Jones" character. I want to give him oodles of adventures for decades and decades and constantly replace him with someone younger, cuter, and more fit.

Oh yeah, and I want to suspend all realities of time and space the way Bond does. (Seriously...if Casino Royale is a prequel to the story, is it really right that it's set in present day with present-day gadgets and present-day cars? I think they take the element of "time" out of the equation as much as possible, but somethings just can't be helped.)

So yeah. Indiana Jones for another 30 years...but maybe it's time for Harrison Ford to step down. Leonardo DiCaprio might make a pretty archeologist. Or maybe someone a little more James Denton. Oooo...he would make a very handsome vine-swinging, khaki-and-leather-clad, daredevil professor of archeology. But John Rhys-Davies can stay on a little longer...just like Judi Dench has surpassed Pierce Brosnan.

Anyone else have a suggestion for a replacement Indy?

Oh, and this list is just cool. And by cool, I mean geeky.
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"Indiana" was the name of George Lucas' dog.

Alright...enough of the Indiana Jones site...and back to work. How 'bout that Hitchcock, eh?
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Okay, seriously...this is my last post for a while. I'm totally getting work done, but while I was on Wikipedia (don't worry, I'm not using it as a source...just looking up some general info), there was a news story on the main page:

"The World Wildlife Fund announces that the Bornean Clouded Leopard, found in the Malay Archipelago, is a new species."

Now, clearly, I'm going to have to click on Bornean Clouded Leopard to learn about this new species. I's a big kitty, after all...and I love the kitties.

I'm not gonna lie...the kitty is a little creepy. Something about the pattern on it's coat...kinda snake-like (and Gail hates the snakes). But still. New kitties in the world! Sweet.

Check them out at these places:
- (this one even has video!)
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So I'm a liar,** get over it.

This is just a post to say that I feel pathetic working on a paper on St. Patrick's Day night (err...yeah), and more pathetic because it's also a Saturday night.

Also, who do you have to blow to get Hitchcock's Notorious on DVD. Seriously! It's worse than when Disney puts movies in the "vault." At least those make an appearance every 10 years, or so (and I already own most of them anyhow).

Notorious was released by Criterion in Fall 2001, but must have only been on shelves for a couple years because I've been looking for it to purchase since Fall 2003.


[EDIT: BWAHAHA! Unlike Spellbound and Rebecca (two other Hitchcock films that were released by Criterion and are similarly out of print), Notorious is still available to rent on Netflix. So it has been moved to the top of my queue and I will illegally make a copy of it to tide me over until it is rereleased and I can purchase it legally (assuming that ever happens).]

Also, I'm using the term "films noirs" (as a plural of film noir) in my paper and I feel a little pretentious. But it's all okay, because I know that I'm grammatically correct in French. Because films noir would just be wrong and film noirs is just idiotic. So films noirs is it.

**Liar because I said I wasn't going to post anymore tonight.
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