February 7th, 2007

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I always forget how much I love "Sex and the City" until I catch an episode. It's hilarious and relevant and fabulous.


I hate doing homework. Everything that can be taught in class should be taught in class. I want a society in which education is not lecture-based, but discussion-based.

But I will not get into a rant on school...I've been there, done that, and don't currently have the time or effort.
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Alice - (you're all mad!)

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So a lot of times while I'm watching Ellen, the program is interrupted for breaking news coverage. It tends to piss me off, because I sit down to watch my TiVo'ed Ellen after a hard day of work and all of a sudden (total bummer) there's a story about a school shooting or airplane crash (Orlando is crazy, dude).


An astronaut was arrested for attempting to kidnap and murder a woman with whom she was competing for the romantic interest of a man.

"[She] was carrying a steel mallet, a knife, rubber gloves and trash bags when she tried to kidnap her alleged victim."

Alright, so that's insane. And terrible.

But...she never actually got around to kidnapping this other woman, and certainly didn't kill her, so it's all speculative, at best. Her lawyer said "the charge of attempted murder is ridiculous."

So did they have to interrupt Ellen so that NASA (who can't comment on the investigation) can say they'll be handing over her psychological profiles to the police?

Methinks no.
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