February 1st, 2007

HP - Ron and Harry

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So I REALLY want to preorder the new Harry Potter book. Because, duh!

I got emails from amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, AND amazon.ca (yeah Canada).

But I don't yet know where I will be on July 21st.

If I send it to Wisconsin and I'm in Florida, that would suck. And it would be worse if I'm actually in Florida, but send it to my mom's house and I'm at my apartment, or vise versa. And who knows if I'll even be staying in Wisconsin if I DO go back up for the summer?

But I can't wait until the day-of to buy. There might be lines or it could sell out (it really won't, but you know...average, non-fan type people buy their books that way. I want to order mine on the first day pre-order is available!).

I think this goes to show that I'm slightly pathetic, and more that a little dorky. *sigh*
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CSI - Gil (crush)

This post has been brought to you by the letters C, S, and I...





It's just not the same without him. And he has a model in a box to solve. And he has a Sara. For the love of god, how can he leave Sara?

But he's coming back!!!

Alright, so I might need to dial down my television intake, just a little...
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