January 30th, 2007


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So I don't know much about this new "Windows Vista" but it seems to me that we already have this.

It's called "Mac OS X."

The new "find" feature? Oh yeah, that's called "Spotlight." This "Aero" feature that shows you all the open documents, files, etc? Uh...that's "Exposé." Playing clips of video/audio files and seeing previews in a finder window? Already a feature on Macs. "Windows Media Center" is essentially "Front Row," and these "gadgets" on the "sidebar?" They're called "widgets" and they belong on my "dashboard," thank you very much.

I will admit that it looks pretty and sleek...but let me remind you who did pretty and sleek first. Oh, it was the Mac.

That said, it's possible that I will be investing in Windows Vista for use on my Mac. Apple has a sweet little beta out called "Boot Camp" which allows for the partitioning of a hard drive so that I can, essentially, boot up in either OS X or Vista.

Why do I need Windows? Well, sadly, there are certain things that just can't be done on a Mac. One is Netflix's new "Instant Viewing" feature. And there are some other things that would be nice to have.

It's $227 on amazon, though. Hmmm. The Basic version is $192, but that's Basic. Basically, I don't want to have to buy either. Especially with Leopard coming out later this year. How many damn operating systems does one girl need? Really.

The upside is that either is cheaper than buying a Windows laptop.

[EDIT: I'm not the only one who sees the similarities between Microsoft's latest attempt and Mac's long-standing OS (it's been around for nearly 6 years in various incarnations). Apple is boasting a link to this article.]
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