January 16th, 2007

HP - Ron pissed

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So uber disappointing...I went to Apple to see if they could fix or replace my iPod (whose screen cracked when I dropped it yesterday), but regrettably, and rather annoyingly, they can't do anything because it was "accidental damage" and not a problem with the unit.

Well, fuck.

The "genius" suggested finding an online repair shop and so I checked it out. I can get my iPod fixed for $80, which includes shipping via UPS.

While I hate the thought of spending $80, when I recall the $480 I initially spent on the iPod (and extended Apple Care...for all the good it did me), it does seem like a decent investment. I was hoping to keep this iPod for quite sometime...like forever.

So. Sad news for my iPod, and sad news for my bank account.

Now, sad news for me...it's time to go to class again. Thankfully, tomorrow is a 12:30 start, so I can stay up tonight and watch the Idol premiere, and maybe a comfort movie or two. I hate when things break or go badly...it totally brings me down.
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Hilary Duff - dorky (sing)

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Things I Hate About American Idol:
- They show too many crappy people
- They spend too much time on each crappy person
- They encourage crappy people to audition by giving them so much airtime

If the auditions they show are a representative sample of the actual bad to good ratio, then it's no wonder the judges seem drunk half the time. But me thinks the load the audition weeks with all the annoyingly bad people.

I really like the Idol. I do. I love seeing people with talent compete and test themselves. It's the reason I watch Project Runway.

But bad auditions kill. Seriously.
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