January 4th, 2007

Art - Leonardo - The Virgin (detail)

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Why are textbooks so damn expensive?

Wait...scratch that.

Why are art history text books so expensive?

I'm taking 5 classes next semester...2 art history courses, and 3 film courses. My film classes have no books at all (have I mentioned lately how great being a film major is? If I were at a school I liked, it would be entirely awesome), but my other classes...

Italian Renaissance Art has one book, a new edition (of course, making it nearly impossible to find a used copy) for $99. I ordered it off amazon.com for $89...every $10 counts.

20th Century Art has two books, each $50, making it another $100. And these ones barely seem to exist at all. I think I scoured about 5 different textbook sales website, and came up with nothing.

$200 for two classes. Seriously, if film classes had books too, I might have to start selling my plasma or something.
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