December 28th, 2006

George - Danny Ocean

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So I just watched AMC's American Cinemateque Award tribute to George Clooney and it was pretty funny and I do love George Clooney.

That's it.

That's right...I posted solely to say that I love George Clooney.

Oh, and it was worth it.
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Ellen - cute (AmEx)

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I might be falling in love with Anne Hathaway.

So cute!

And talking about wardrobe malfunctions and nipple petals. Hilarious.

Must go buy Devil Wears Prada like...right now. (Well, maybe after lunch...)

Also: must go buy The Frey's CD...because I love the songs they play on "Grey's Anatomy."

[Final note: if it's promoted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, I will most likely go buy it.

I'd want to see The Painted Veil too, because Edward Norton was on and was AMAZINGLY hilarious and I adore him, but it's so serious, so I might just pull out The Italian Job, because even though he's skeezy, it's Ed Norton AND Mark Wahlberg. Mmmm...Marky Mark.]
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Norrington - scruffy

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It needs to be posted.

These are the DVDs I deemed worthy of coming home with me on break (my major DVD binders got left in Orlando...I only brought these chosen few to my mom's):

13 Going on 30
Bend it Like Beckham
Brokeback Mountain
Da Vinci Code
Eddie Izzard "Glorious"
Ellen DeGeneres "Here and Now"
French Kiss
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Igby Goes Down
Imagine Me & You
Italian Job
A Lot Like Love
Mean Girls
Muppet Christmas Carol
Notting Hill
Ocean's 12
One Fine Day
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Road to El Dorado
Something New
Stage Beauty
Sweet Home Alabama
Thomas Crown Affair
To Catch a Thief
Wedding Date

"How I Met Your Mother" (season one)

Now, some of those seems pretty random (and some really are), but most have justifications...such as "has Patrick Dempsey" or "has Jack Davenport" (actually...four of those titles have Jack was a big pull).

Oh, and for Christmas, I picked up a few more titles:

Friends With Money
Little Miss Sunshine
Maltese Falcon
The Matador
Mr. and Mrs. Smith (the unrated, extended addition, of course)

Oh, the possibilities. I also have some Netflix. "The New Adventures of Lois and Clark," The Godfather and Nine Lives (mmm...Jason Isaacs).
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