November 28th, 2006

HP - Hermione/Harry/Ron

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Alright, I'm officially obsessed with the new Harry Potter trailer.

Quicktime version here (from

You can't really catch anything initially, but if you scroll through frame by frame, it's pretty sweet.

I'm especially loving Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix. I'm not really digging Harry's short hair (and you can briefly see that the Twins have had haircuts as well) as I do love the long, shaggy hair. But Ron is still shaggy as ever, and so delightfully adorable. Oh, and the scene along the Thames kicks ass. Can't wait to see the real thing...though I'd settle for a nice, big, clear HD trailer. Mmm...

Can I fandango my tickets to the midnight show yet?

*waits impatiently for July 13th*
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HP - Ron and Harry

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Oy! I'm such a moron!

I went to see Driving Lessons a week ago and never realized that Julie Walters (who plays retired-actress Evie, employer of Rupert Grints' character Ben) is the actress who plays Molly Weasley.

Dumbass, party of one.

I was sure I had looked her up on IMDb, but obviously not because I would have noticed that she was in the HP franchise.

But how frickin' sweet is that? I love when the same people work on different movies with each other. Like most of the successful British actors, actually.
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