October 22nd, 2006

What's the frequency Kenneth

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Oh god! My ears are bleeding!!!

So I'm watching Friday's episode of "Numb3rs" and Charlie (the genius played by David Krumholtz) just said "ATM machine."


Okay, when my mom says it (and she did today) I cringe and realize that the poor woman is nearly 60, doesn't have all tacks left in her drawer, and didn't grow up in this increasingly-technological age.

But the character of Charlie (yes, I realize it's just a TV show...) is supposed to be a GENIUS and is obviously young and technologically savvy. He should realize the redundancy of "ATM machine" or "PIN number" and he should appropriately mock or become frustrated with those who don't (much like I do).

In what realm would he EVER say "ATM machine"?!

*sigh* It's things like this that ruin entire episodes of supposedly smart television for me. Which just goes to show...even if the characters are supposed to be smart...doesn't mean the show is.

But it doesn't change the fact that I still find it very difficult to choose which brother I like more, Charlie (Krumholtz) or Don (Rob Morrow). Eh, I'll take them both.
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