September 21st, 2006

Vino veritas

Let's take a chance as this romance is rising over before we lose the lighting...

First: the weird.

I woke up last night at 4:30am because my toe itched really badly. Itched so badly that it WOKE ME UP. Y'all up in the North might not have had much acquaintance with fire ants, but the fuckers are nasty little beasts. One bit my toe on Tuesday. And then 36 hours later, it itched badly enough for me to WAKE UP from a deep sleep.

What the fuck, folks? And so I itched it, but then it hurt, so I stopped, but then it itched again. I got up an put a band-aid on it (which did nothing...but whatever). It kept me awake for 20 MINUTES before finally I was tired enough to be able to ignore the ITCH.

Seriously though...if not for the band-aid on my toe this morning, I probably would have thought it was all a crazy dream.

Fire ants, you're on my list.


Second: the crazy.

So I had this crazy dream last night (no, it has nothing to do with ants). There were two houses, each with a lot of each house had 7 (split) levels, so there was a lot of descending flights into small rooms tucked in basements (though everything was well lit via windows). Twice I was climbing, looking for private rooms in which to do private things (*wink*). The "crazy" part was mostly the cast, but I think I shall keep that to myself, for now. [Person A is a good friend with whom I haven't spoken in a couple months, Person B is a totally random blast-from-the-past, as we've gone to school together since kindergarten, but haven't seen since probably graduation.]


Third: the awesome.

So I was really freaking out about a test I took on Monday. It was American Art, and I'm pretty sure I complained about it here. I also texted Zoe right before the test and said how much I thought I was going to fail because I had NO confidence in my knowledge of the subject matter.

Then after the test, I felt incredibly relieved and actually thought I might have kicked it's ass. But I didn't want to sound too confident...ya know...don't want to jinx these things. (Yeah, I'm superstitious...get over it.)

I checked my grade today: 94%

BOO-YAH! Yeah, I kicked it's ass all the way back to 1636 Virginia, where the Adam Thoroughgood House was built.


Fourth: the exciting.

Tonight. Grey's Anatomy. CSI. The Office.


So much TV, so little time.

Thank GOD for TiVo!!!


Fifth: the thought-provoking.

Tomorrow, I'm going to my mom's for the weekend. But I guess now I have to call it "my parent's." Because my dad is officially retired. Officially 60. And officially a Florida resident. My parents haven't living the in the same place for a year and a half...and I'm a little nervous.

It's been a really odd situation this whole time, one that I tried not to dwell on because of the crazy emotions it's provoked. I'd say it was like they were divorced, but I don't really know if that would describe it. They emailed each other daily. Mom paid the bills while Dad earned the money. She spoke ill of him often. But that's how their marriage has been for the past 8(?) years. For this time, they were just living in different states.

But I don't think I want them living together again. It's just so awkward and tense most of the time. But I miss my kitty and I need groceries, so I need to go there.



Sixth: the ending.

I don't want to leave it like that, so I guess I'll add that I have three Netflix movies to watch...Tootsie, All the President's Men, and Alfie (2004). So I'm a little psyched.

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Grey's Anatomy

'Cause tonight's the night the world begins again...

TV update:

- Tried watching "Smith" (with Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen). After 20 minutes, I was bored out of my mind and I deleted the episode without finishing it.

- Then I watched "Bones" and after 16 minutes, thought I had solved the case. But I hadn't and it evolved and was engaging and awesome, as usual. It reinforced the fact that "Smith" sucked ass.

- "The Office" made me laugh often. Jim needs to get back to Pam! But the Ed Helms appearance was stellar. And anything gay is good in my book.

- The season premiere of "Grey's" rocked my socks, and I cried (because I'm a sap) and was utterly overjoyed. Because I've been rooting for Derek and Meredith for the past season and I always knew it felt wrong with Addison and even after I got over my blatant hatred of her, I still didn't want to see her and Derek together. Maybe, this one time, the world really did come down on the side of the dirty mistress.

- "Six Degrees" has been long-ish, character-heavy, but none that I feel attached to. I keep waiting for something interesting to happen, and I'm not seeing it. Though I like the British guy. And Hope Davis is so good...I want to see more of her. The other 75 people in the cast are forgettable.

- However, "Shark," which airs at the same time (thank god for dual-tuner TiVo) was pretty good. Semi-typical lawyer show, but James Woods is sweet and I'm excited for the direction it's going in. Very "House" with the veteran and his interns type of feel.

- Oh, "CSI..." Cirque de Soleil, John Mayer, undertones of Gil/Sara, and amazingness. But, oh god, Catherine! I need to give her a hug!! And scenes from next week are looking INTENSE! It's too early in the season for this!

[Though if we're being completely honest, the Cirque case seemed extremely unresolved, and the suicide? Seemed too easy. And I don't know if the first two episodes should really be "part 1" and "part 2"...they could have held off on the miniature room for next episode and left the cliffhanger exclusively as Catherine, to be resolved next episode. They could have more clearly delineated the episodes (I assume...having not seen the "second half" yet). However, I am hoping for some quality "Warrick coming to Catherine's rescue as her knight in shining armor," 'cause let's face it...Warrick/Catherine has been building for at least a season and a half...despite the fact that the fool got married. Whatever.]

Dammit...I have a Grey's and</a> a CSI icon. Now which do I use on Thursdays?
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