September 20th, 2006

Isaac - fabulous

Well I can't do this all on my own, no I know, I'm no superman...

So we had this assignment for my Foundations of Production class where we had to pitch an original idea for a film/tv series/video game/short film/animation. I've kinda been thinking about mine for the past couple weeks and last night when I was brainstorming and mind mapping it, it evolved into something I really liked.

I didn't want to write anything about it, or even let myself think about it too much...because I didn't want to jinx it. But today in class, we got into groups of our format (I was in a group with 14 others with a TV series idea), and mine was one of the top three picked...and one of the two that we are doing. So I'm in a group of 6 and we'll be formulating an actual professional pitch as a final project.

I'm feeling pretty good. I'm actually excited to work on it.

I'll wait to give actual details next week after I present to the class (70 people...ugh) and get a more solid idea of my concept.

In other news, I have a gen-ed Communications test tomorrow. Eww.

And I'm wearing my super cute Isaac Mizrahi for Target pumps around my room again. Damn, I need to get out.

Seriously though, these shoes make my ass look amazing.

Back to Scrubs and studying for the Comm test.
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