August 27th, 2006

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So I have shamefully admitted previously to adoring Disney's The Three Musketeers. When it came out, and indeed the last time I saw it, I was overwhelmed by the early 90's hotness that is Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland, and of course, Chris O'Donnell.

And now I'm watching it and am absolutely repulsed! First off, the French accents are all British, with the exception of the two actors who are actually French. However, this doesn't actually bother me in this situation.

"What?!" I hear you cry. "She is NOT perturbed by the fucked up accents?!"

Why no. Because instead, I'm pissed off that Chris O'Donnell is speaking American! How damn hard is it to speak with a British accent? It doesn't even have to be a good accent. It doesn't have to sound like everyone elses...because lord knows that Kiefer's accent sounds nothing like Oliver Platt's. But for the love of god...TRY! And if you really can't do it...DON'T AGREE TO BE IN A MOVIE THAT REQUIRES ACCENTS!!!!


Another "good" movie ruined due to my pretentiousness.

This movie also makes me miss my plant, Porthos. (Yes, I named my plant.) He lived at my mother's this summer so that he wouldn't die, but I left him there when I moved back to Orlando. Now, so you don't think I'm absolutely nuts, I don't have actual feelings for vegetation...but I wish I had something alive in this room. It's sad.
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