August 26th, 2006

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I really like Tom Hanks.

Now, this isn't anything new, but sitting here, watching Turner and Hooch where he plays a slightly compulsive, slightly neurotic regular guy makes me love him even more.

And you know what I was thinking in the shower just now? (No, nothing like that...sicko.) I was thinking that his marriage to Rita Wilson is very low-key as far as celebrity marriages go. Like, even more chill than William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman...which is hard because those two are like the definition of chill. Love it!

And now, lunch before I go shopping with the madre, two aunts, my cousin, and my sister. Cheesecake Factory for dinner...I'm psyched.
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Alexander Payne - b&w

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Because I like to think I'm witty and clever...

Cary Grant : Father Goose :: Harrison Ford : 6 Days, 7 Nights.

I should have taken the SAT.
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