August 21st, 2006

Smoked the Last One

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So...good news and bad news.

The good news: I can finally watch "Friends" again! I got very Friends'ed out after my three week mega-marathon of all 10 seasons back to back. I couldn't enjoy it at all this summer! But I was flipping channels and am no longer repulsed at the sight of it. Sweeeet!

The bad news: My student loan check could take as long as 30 days to process. And my tuition is due in 10 days.

Fuck. So the bad definitely outweighs the good...but I guess I can always just hope that it gets to my Dad in Illinois by next Monday, and he can sign and send the check to me by Thursday so I can deposit it and pay my fees by Friday.

Damn, that's so not going to happen. I know there's a $100 late fee for not paying on time, but I don't know how long they give you to pay. Chase (then Bank One) was much faster at getting me my money. Like...two weeks and I was good. Sallie Mae is going on three weeks, with the threat of four more.


On the upswing, I'm going to watch The Motorcycle Diaries before bed. And I completed my Florida primary absentee ballot today.
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