August 14th, 2006


Friends -- check. Money -- check. Well-slept -- check. Opposite sex -- check...

My car has been cleaned out and is now ready to start being packed.

I think I'll start with my iMac and that they are safely buried deep in the trunk and are a) not visible and b) hard to get to. Then I'll surround those with duffles of clothes and boxes of miscellaneous junk.

Oy...I don't want to drive back to Florida. I'm dreading the drive even more than the actual arrival in Florida...though leaving friends and life behind (again) is going to be hard.

Still don't really know when I'm leaving. Which sucks. I'm waiting to hear from Pearle Vision. Hopefully tomorrow they will have my glasses done. Otherwise, I'm slightly screwed.

Here are my plans for the next few days, before I turn off the computer and pack her up...

- Starting to pack my car
- Family dinner in Lindenhurst
- 9pm: Hanging in Deerfield with Pat, Eric, and whoever wants to join

- (Hopefully) Getting my new glasses from eye doctor
- Leaving for Ohio with Zoe

- Driving from Oxford, OH to Spring Hill, FL (solo - 14 and a half hours, according to Mapquest).

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Go away, give me a chance to miss you...


I don't have the time to pick them up today, but this means that I can get them tomorrow morning/afternoon, and then Zoe and I can definitely get to Ohio tomorrow night and I can definitely be on the road to Florida on Wednesday around 5am.


I feel a weight has been lifted.

Maybe everything will be alright.
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