June 26th, 2006

Cici - meow

When I come undone, you bring me back again...

My sister's cat was just attacking my computer mouse. Hilarious.

No really....a cat...attacking a mouse. It's funny!


And I really miss my chubby Cici kitty.


Camp was not quite as disastrous as I had expected previously...however if the day progressed the way it started, I would have severely injured someone or something by 11am. I'm just glad we got to go swimming...they needed time away from our sucky new location. Maybe when the rain stops (which is unlikely by tomorrow's forecast) things will get better.


I have a lot of things I want to buy with my first paycheck. I haven't splurged, or bought anything even remotely fun and exciting for well over a month.

My list of possible fun things to buy includes:
- "Cars" soundtrack
- "Over the Hedge" soundtrack
- Dixie Chicks "Taking the Long Way" album
- John Mayer Trio "Try!" album
(the previous four from iTunes, most likely, because it will be cheaper)
- John Mayer "Any Given Thursday" live album
- "Imagine Me & You" DVD (releases Tuesday!!!!)
- "The New Super Mario Bros." Nintendo DS game
- Nalgene water bottle
- New bras (the underwire broke in one of my good ones. BOOO!)

Also, I owe Nikki $30 and Carly Schoenstadt $20 (but I don't know when I'll see her next).

So it's kinda a lot for my first pay check, especially considering that I have to also pay two credit card bills at the beginning of July. But...need stuff. I've been so good for too long...
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Television - TiVo

I'm here without you baby, but you're still on my lonely mind...

This post comes to you from my love of both film and technology...

Alright, so the idea of a high-definition home video kicks some serious ass. Indeed, I love crystal-clear pictures and sound that is so true to life it gives goosebumps.

However, buying a new HD-compatible TV, a new HD-compatable DVD player (whether Blu-ray or HD-DVD), and all the goddamned DVDs in HD (some of which will simply replace the regular DVD versions already in my personal collection) is fucking ridiculous.

Let's break it down:
HD TV: $1500-2000 (mid-range)
Blu-ray DVD player: $1000
Replacement DVDs for my collection: $8160 (at $30 per movie, 272 titles not including TV shows or multi-disc features)

Yeah....not spending $11,000, especially this early in the game. While I think Blu-ray will win out the battle (it's use in the PS3 system will be key, as well as already being backed by Sony, Apple, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Pioneer, Dell and movie studios like Sony, 20th Century Fox, Lions Gate and Disney versus HD-DVD's pathetic showing of Toshiba, Microsoft, Sanyo, NEC and movie studios like New Line and Universal), there is no guarantee which, if either, will become the dominant format. Currently, Best Buy has 39 HD-DVD titles available to buy, while Blu-ray only has 21. Either way, I don't want to be a Betamax sucker, nor a loser with a Laserdisc player.

With any luck, in a couple years, the Blu-ray movies will be more prevalent, available at mainstream prices, and the TVs and players will also be reasonably priced. Oh, and I need to be able to watch my current DVDs. This seems to be the current technological trend, either by creating an advancement on the same format (Playstation and X-Box are good examples of being able to use outdated games on current systems) or by incorporating both types to one machine (the Nintendo DS can play Game Boy games with dual ports, and of course VCR/DVD combo players are popular for those clinging to the massively outdated videotapes). While the former is preferred, I'll take the latter if it saves me the $8000 it would cost to replace my collection.

In any case, I'm waiting...because of money restrictions, fear of making a wrong choice, and for some of the arguments made in the article cited at the end of this post. One of the more humorous being their review of the remote control: "Hey, Samsung — we just paid you $1,000. How about tossing us a bone — like illuminated buttons on the remote?" and "On the other hand, the remote is filled with buttons that don't seem to do anything. (Some of them, like Cancel, are just a tease.)"

As a final note, I love nytimes.com.

Source: Which New DVD Format? Neither Just Yet, David Pogue (NYTimes)
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Matthew Goode + Mark Harmon + Jeremy Piven + European setting + my intense, inexplicable love of Mandy Moore + my shameful adoration of teen movies = happy!Gail.

I just watched Chasing Liberty and enjoyed it muchly. Mmmm.

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