June 12th, 2006

Pixar!Bird - eep

Let's go, let's jump right in, scream into the wind, feed the fire within...

Camp training starts today, but fortunately not until 12:45, so I don't have to leave here until 11:40-ish (don't want to be late).

Unfortunately, it's "Counselor University" day, aka the worst day of training. Or at least it used to be. They added a day to the training schedule, and thus added other hellish activities, some of which may be the new "worst" element of training. Today, we get to learn not to touch children, wear gloves when treating wounds, how to deal with a problem child, never be one-on-one with a child, team building games and activities, what to do in case of lightning (yay Thorgard), and a whole bunch of other things that the good counselors already know and the bad ones will disregard and forget anyway. Eww.

On the upside, I should be seeing Steph and Whitney briefly...they are both having their souls sucked out by Park District camps too...but sadly not the same camp as me, so we will be split up. Bugger.

Enough of today, what did I do this weekend? Oh, I had fun!

I got my tires rotated and my oil changed so my car was in tip-top shape...then my daddy stole it for the weekend. (He was going to a family reunion/anniversary party in Eau Claire, WI and my car is new, in better condition, and gets better gas mileage.) So I was stuck with his yucky van. Saturday, I had plans down in Deerfield and my sister was working, so I had to take my niece up to my brother's house to spend the day. We chatted for a bit and I noticed his new 2006 burnt orange Jeep Wrangler and admired it for a bit before he offered to let me borrow it for the day, since it would be better than my dad's van. Um...yes, please! So I got to drive a new Jeep around all day. Rock on.

Do Crew Day at the high school was fun. Hung around with alumni (Candace, Laura, Becca, Johnson (he graduated and is thus now an alumni), Nikki, Patty, and later Jenny, Bridgette, and Elliott). Did not play kickball (the game was rather weak), but I did eat lots of junky, cook-out type food. It was pretty good...and I had to pay $5 so I made the most of it. For some reason, I was popular on Saturday and kept having to make phone calls to people I told I would call later...but I kept forgetting. I think there were at least 6 people who I either forgot to call, or called late...because I suck. I was supposed to hang with Whitney for a bit, but by the time I got away from the school, she was busy, so a few of us went to get Starbucks and then returned to the school where we met up with the old alumni and Eric.

So after those festivities were done, 10 of us went to TGI Friday's for dinner, which was good. Though the conversation consisted mostly of "if you could only save one of your parents, who would you let die" and "would you rather lose an arm or a leg" and so was not quite uplifting. It prompted a bit of good discussion but most people wussed out and said "I would try to save them both" or "I would take my dad, and he would take my mom and we'd all get out together." Bullshit answers, if you ask me. Totally not the point of the hypothetical. But I guess some people can't deal with the true wickedness of human nature.

After dinner, a few of us went to Target to buy games, and then to Bridgette's parent's house to play them. I miss Bridgette's basement...good times. We played pool (ooo...new pool table!) and Jenga (it was too intense for my nerves). Then we started Uno...which was innocent enough until we made it into a drinking game. We ended up finishing four bottles of alcohol her parents had (the ends of the bottles, but with significant amounts let, nonetheless). We were all pretty drunk by the time we crashed at 4am.

Sunday, I had to return my brother's Jeep, so I went back home and showered and grabbed lunch, then went up there. I had the van back...eww. Oh well, honeymoon over, I suppose. Then my sister, my niece, her friend Stephanie, and I went to see Cars. It rocked a whole lot, I highly recommend it. Funny stuff in the credits too.

Alright, that was the gist of my life this weekend. Now I need to shower and get ready for terrible, terrible training at work. *shudder*

Oh, and there's a slight possibility that I might go to the Kelly Clarkson concert at the formerly-Tweeter Center. Lawn tickets are about $32, but it might be terribly worth it. (Decent seats are still available, but those are $87...and I don't know if Kelly is worth that.) I'll have to see if Johnson and Laura were both serious/available to go that night....Saturday, July 22nd.
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