May 16th, 2006

Daily Show - My News is Funny

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Denis Leary on "The Daily Show" is quite possibly the funniest thing I have seen in weeks.


And this episode will replay 4 times before tomorrow, so you have no excuse not to see it (unless you are Zoe and don't have cable).

At the end he plugged so many products, and I seriously want to buy them all. I was just debating what to watch this summer now that all of my TV shows are in hiatus or have been permanently pulled (Alias was starting to get good again, dammit)...and behold! "Rescue Me" is one of those silly summertime shows. Along with "Nip/Tuck," which I haven't watched in a couple seasons. So I should TiVo both so I won't forget.

I love Denis Leary. Maybe I should watch The Ref. Yeah, I own it.


My hair is short, so I am no longer a dirty hippie. Rock on! It's so...SPUNKY!!!

Now it just needs to be dyed because the undyed root to length ratio is now larger and makes my hair looks bad. It's a good thing I bought two boxes of dye at Target today.


Mike's Hard Crisp Apple and Mike-arita both look awesome. Damn, I should buy stock in the Mike's Hard alcohol company.


Oh, and the Press Secretary is totally Tony Snow. Gail knows all. Don't doubt.
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IMDb - Addict

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First, DB Sweeney guest starred on "House" tonight? Why wasn't I informed of this before? You're all fired.

[It's a good thing I already had it set to TiVo, so I did not actually miss the show. You can all be rehired, but I want you to think about what you've done.]

Second, celebrity birthdays: Pierce Brosnan (53), and David Boreanaz (37). Yum.

Finally, summer movies I am SUPER excited to see (in order of release):
- The Da Vinci Code (duh)
- Over the Hedge (yeah, I said it)
- X-3 (rowr!)
- The Break-Up (oh, the Jennifer Aniston is too much)
- Cars (Pixar = love)
- Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (*giggles like a little schoolgirl*)

Movies I wouldn't see if you paid me (well...maybe if you paid me, but it would have to be AT LEAST $100):
- The Lake House (seriously?)
- The Omen (though I give props for the effective use of the 06-06-06 date)
- Nacho Libre (just...say...NO!)

Jury's still out:
- Prairie Home Companion (Altman...hit or miss, I'll take my chances, I suppose)
- Superman Returns (I'll see it, but I don't know if I'll like it)
- Devil Wears Prada (I heard the book wasn't that good...why make a movie?)
- Miami Vice (I'm leaning toward no)
- Snakes on a Plane (...)
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