May 11th, 2006

Daily Show - My News is Funny

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Madeline Albright rocks so hard-core. I almost want to go out and read her book.


In other news, I think I need a second job. I have more time on my hands than I've had for weeks, and I'm feeling guilty. Watching TV, movies, and video games has made me feel like a useless member of society, and I do not want that.

I wish corporate America would call me in for an interview, and subsequently give me a job.

Tomorrow will be "chill out with Zoe before she goes back to Ohio" day. I'm excited. Movies may be seen, West Wing may be watched (Jason Isaacs episodes!!!!!!!), and who knows what other trouble we can get into.


Oh, and it's 50 degrees colder here than in Florida. No wonder I'm fucking sick.


As a final note, I enjoy David Spade. I watched "Just Shoot Me" mostly for him. And I love the "Showbiz Show." Fuck off.
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