April 24th, 2006

Baby you're a big star now

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I just submitted my request for absentee ballots...4+ months in advance (Florida primary is September 5th).

Yay politics.

And now...back to work. I have to:
- finish preparing for my Foundations of Story essay final. Eww.
- write my English paper on Gay Marriage. Oh joy.
- read the chapters for my Government class tonight. (Eh, that final is next week)
- write a treatment for a terrible script for Script Analysis

Oh, and dudes? I have a week left until summer vacation. Damn, that feels good.

However, while doing all my finals studying and paper writing...I have to pack to go home. Some of the stuff I can leave (I'm keeping my apartment next year), but all my big electronics, not to mention clothes, DVDs, certain books...all must be packed.

Ugh, I hate packing.

And I'm getting off topic. Me = working.
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Alanis - Unsexy

I see you holding your grudges, I see you gunning them down...

I remember when it cost less that $20 to fill up my car with a tank of gas. Tonight, it cost $30.00...ouch.

On the upside, my class got let out early enough for me to get to the bookstore and buy a Blue Book for my exam Wednesday morning.

AND! Candy bars have been procured! One Snickers and one Take 5. Oh, the chocolate.

Plans for the evening:
- English Paper.

And along that vein, as a final note, I want to know what the original Bible said. Like...before King James threw out a bunch of stuff, and probably added a few details of his own. I'm sure it was horribly repetitive (at least the new testament...because it still is horribly repetitive). But it would be interesting, wouldn't it? Or am I just a geek?

[EDIT: Historically, most societies have allowed some form of polygamy. The West is a major exception. Europe and the United States have defined themselves as monogamous cultures. This was in part a Germanic cultural tradition, a requirement of Christianity (after the sixth century AD), and a mandate of Roman Law. However, Roman Law supported prostitution, concubinage, sex outside of marriage, homosexual sex, and sexual access to slaves. The Christian West formally banned these practices. (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marriages)

Those Romans sure knew how to have a good time. Besides...who needs polygamy when you have have prostitutes, concubines, and premarital (or extramarital) sex?]
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