March 24th, 2006

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I've been watching 7 hours of "Friends" (season 3, episodes 7-25) and it's been fabulous. I really like this show. It's so cliché to say, but it's these characters are like my friends, I know them so well. Hee hee.
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I'll be there for you too...

I'm continuing my "Friends" marathon today. It's just so great.

Some people might say that 9 hours and 20 minutes of "Friends" is just excessive (that's how long one season is) but I think it's a good use of my time.

Besides, it's Friday. And Fridays are my free days. I have no class, but it's not the weekend, so I don't feel obligated to use my time wisely (do laundry, homework, clean, read). It's "Friends" day!!

So I'm currently on Season 4, Episode 7: "The One Where Chandler Crosses the Line." Such a good one. I love Chandler.

Though what I'm really looking forward to is episode 12, "The One With the Embryos," in which Chandler/Joey and Monica/Rachel compete over apartments, game-show style. Such a great one.
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    I'll Be There For You - The Rembrandts