March 10th, 2006

Chocolate - sin

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Why is it that Reese's Peanut Butter cups taste better in egg-shape?

Oh, and Sweetarts taste the best in the forms of Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies.

Easter candy rocks.
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Isaac - fabulous

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I totally want a pair of Keds. I know...Keds!

But look at the cute!

Plus, Mischa Barton in Keds = totally adorable.

And now, the mother is encouraging early on-set of skin cancer and forcing me outside. Tan is nice, skin cancer is not. But I shall attempt to find something with an SPF in this house (not likely) and then sit out while looking through the remainder of my InStyle magazine.

Oh, also? The new line of Louis Vuitton bags aren't terrible. I know, what a concept? Well...the "perforated" ones are pretty bad. But the new suede Onatah bags with the protruding suede flowers are adorable. (Oh, and their "vernis" line is always sleek.)

Alright. Sun and more InStyle.
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HP - Hermione - beautiful disaster

To live without you would only be heartbreak for me...

Just finished watching My Best Friend's Wedding with the mother, and I was disappointed. I remember it being better. I mean, there are still quite a few parts that crack me up, the "Say A Little Prayer" restaurant scene, Chris Masterson and the other boys sucking helium and singing "Annie's Song (You Fill Up My Senses)" and, of course, any part with Rupert Everett.

But Julia Robert's character is really a terrible person so that at the end, you're glad she doesn't get the guy. I guess that kind of makes me like it, because in the end everything is justified. And she will most likely end up alone. I just think that a lot of people who see her as America's sweetheart would be disappointed in the end. Like my mother would probably not consider this a "happy ending." Though it is. Because if she did end up with the guy, it would be a horrible movie, with a horrible message. kitty was just cleaning herself, then stopped, and POUNCED on my glasses, which have been sitting on the bed beside me for at least 10 minutes. Silly kitty. But it cracked me up. Dork.

I can't go back to my rant, I'm too amused.

I need something to do right now. It's too early to sleep, I'm not in the mood to read more of Order of the Phoenix (because frankly...after reading so much slash, I need more sex with my Harry Potter). Though if I'm being REALLY frank, I need more sex with everything at the moment.

Blarg. Stupid romance movies.
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