February 12th, 2006

Johnny Depp - Captain Jack

All will be well, you can ask me how but only time will tell...

So a car crashed into my brother and sister-in-law's house last night. That's definitely one of those things that I thought only happened in the movies. It made the news in Milwaukee, if any of you get Milwaukee channels...yeah...I thought not. (Ooo...but they have the video for the story online: http://www.todaystmj4.com/_content/news/topstories/story_1468.asp)

Everyone is fine, so far as I know. The couple in the car were both arrested...the guy for drunk-driving, the girl for "disorderly conduct," which sounds mighty suspicious to me. Though she might have just flipped out at the cops.

At first, they were told they'd have to leave the house (gas and electric had to be shut off, etc.) but later, they cleared the scene and they just can't go into the basement (where the car hit) or Katie's office (above the room in which the car hit).

I wish I was there, just to see. Yesterday I was actually thinking how much I missed Simba and Koda (the dogs) because I saw a Simba-like dog laying on a driveway.

Dave and Katie are both incredibly calm people, so they've been really relaxed about the whole thing. I think I would have been a mess.

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