January 29th, 2006

Reel - B&W

I woke up in pieces and Elisabeth had disappeared again..

The Matador was hilarious. I enjoyed it immensely. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. Pierce is just so good.

Came home and watched The Good Girl which was good. Not great, but solid. Jake Gyllenhaal's character reminded me a lot of his character in Brokeback Mountain...same sense of idylic dreamer. And of course, I love Jennifer Aniston. Not her best, but it wasn't Jake's best either. They needed a better director.

Now I've put in Broken Flowers, which I'm hoping will be a little more of a pick-me-up, because The Good Girl was awfully depressing. Bill Murray is hit or miss with me. I liked The Royal Tenenbaums and he was decent in Lost in Translation but I always wish someone else were playing his roles...because I feel like they would be better in someone else's hands.

It's officially past midnight, and thus, my cousin's birthday. She's 22. That seems so much older than me. I guess 9 months can be a lifetime.
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I'm still in my pajamas. I woke up around 9am, so it's been nearly 9 hours of me lounging.

Perhaps its some sort of avoidance. I'm keeping my mind off of everything today. I probably shouldn't because sooner or later...it always catches up. Probably sometime between now and April. The worst part is that so few people understand. Most the people on Journal don't even know what the fuck I'm talking about.

But I did watch season five of "Sex and the City" (it's only 8 episodes), and now I'm on to season three of "Friends." Less cynicism in "Friends" than the latter season of "Sex and the City."

8pm EST - Screen Actors Guild Awards on TBS and TNT ("Desperate Housewives" is a rerun according to TV Guide, so there shouldn't be any conflicts)
10pm EST - "Grey's Anatomy" on ABC

"Friends" will continue until 8pm.
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Ryan Seacrest is the most boring red carpet interviewer EVER.


The awards better rock.

Oh, and I won't be running a commentary this time. I might do a general recap later...but don't hold your breath.
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Okay, I lied...a few notes on the show:

- Yay for Sandra Oh (winner best actress in a television drama)
- Terry O'Quinn is quite funny (speaking for best ensemble cast in a television drama)
- The writing for this show is 20 billion times better than Golden Globes. The Globes were weak
- The West Wing ladies were cheering Mary Louise on, that was adorable. And Felicity Huffman should have worn something with straps so she wouldn't be hiking it up as she walks. And she is super adorable, by the way (winner best actress in a television comedy)
- Sean Hayes is adorable. Adorable! (winner best actor in a television comedy)
- The Housewives are all lovely. I'm glad it's a re-run tonight, because I can just stick with watching the SAG awards instead of flipping back and forth (winner best ensemble cast for a television comedy)
- It has been determined that there are very few actors under the age of 70 that I wouldn't do. (Russell Crowe, Matt Dillon, and Randy Quaid all turn me off enough to kick them out of bed)
- There are also actors over the age of 70 that I would do...including Paul Newman and Alan Alda
- How does one become the President of the Screen Actors Guild?
- Dakota Fanning is extremely eloquent, considering she's 11
- Paul Giamatti rocks, but I really wanted Jake to win (best supporting actor in a drama)
- Why did I not know that Anne Bancroft died? I guess my excuse is that I was in Europe and not checking IMDb everyday like I do normally. Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
- I actually miss John Spencer as though I knew him personally
- I really think George Clooney is gay, and I think that is SO hot, I can't even explain. And David Strathairn is so talented...I love him
- S. Epatha Merkerson is hilarious...she thanked her divorce lawyer. Hee hee (winner best actress in a miniseries)
- I love gay cowboys...there's really no way around it
- Reese is adorable and so honest. I love her, and Ryan and Joaquin (winner best leading actress)
- Best Actor is too hard a category to choose from...except for no Russell Crowe. That's a given (winner - Philip Seymore Hoffman)
- Awards shows in which the audience sits around tables and gets food and alcohol are supremely better (eg. Golden Globes, SAG, Independent Spirit vs. the uber long Oscars)
- Best ensemble cast: Crash. I liked Crash, I thought it was good, and there was definitely talent...but I don't think it was the best cast...especially in comparison to something like Good Night, and Good Luck, which has been incredibly shafted after all it's nominations.
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Grey's Anatomy

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Time to watch ABC.


"The bigger the line, the more temptation there is to cross..."

Looks like it's going to be good.

Yay for Sandra Oh, by the way.
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