January 26th, 2006

Pink - Not your kind of girl

I know you've been depending on the one you're leaving now...

For those interested, I caved and decided to go to my mom's again this weekend.

The decision came not long after an email entitled "If you come..." in which she bribed me with home-cooked meals and Italian food. That and I really wasn't feeling the laundry thing. She can take care of that.

But, I'm cutting it short. We'll be going to Disney on Saturday for a sneak-peak at the new Everest ride at Animal Kingdom (passholders get a whole behind the scenes tour thing...w00t). And since I'll be 29 miles from my apartment at that point, I'll be coming back then. So I'll have my Sunday to do whatever and not have to drive 4 hours more than necessary.

I have become so much less independent than I was a year ago. I think it was better when my mother and I were in different states.
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It's a good birthday day.

Paul Newman (81)
Ellen DeGeneres (48)
David Strathairn (57)
and the late Gene Siskel (1946-1999)

Want talented children? Make sure they are born on January 26th.
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