January 24th, 2006

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Of course they want free pie and chips. It's pie...and chips...for free...

Samantha Brown from the Travel Channel was at the Grand California hotel in Disneyland. It's so pretty. Reminds me of staying at nice hotels in Disney World. However, when in Disney, I would say you have to stay at one of the tacky, themed hotels. I don't want to stay in there if there aren't Mickey heads in the wallpaper.

That said, Old Key West was the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in. It was amazing with a full-sized refrigerator, dishwasher, oven/stove, a jacuzzi, and full-sized washer and dryer. Of course, there was one bedroom with a king-sized bed, and a pullout couch in the living room. They even had Fiestaware in the kitchen cabinets. That was life.

The Animal Kingdom Resort was really nice too. Only the one-room basic hotel set-up with a mini-fridge, but the room overlooks giraffes and other (smaller) wild life.

Unfortunately, my meager means barely allows for staying at the "value" resorts like the Pop Century.


I've finished watching 2 seasons of "Friends." Can I just say that deciding to watch all 10 seasons is really a commitment? Dear god. At least with something like "Coupling," there were only 4 seasons, and because it was British, each season only has 6-9 episodes. 10 season of Friends, 233 episodes (according to IMDb), that's 5126 minutes, about 85 and a half hours. (That's 3 and a half straight days...)

This is going to take forever.

On the upside, it's really funny.
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Class was canceled, so I wasted 40 minutes of my time driving to campus, hunting out a parking spot, walking the half-mile to get to class, reading the note on the door announcing the cancellation, walked the half-mile back to my car, fighting traffic to get off campus, fighting traffic to get back to my apartment and finally getting here.

I guess I should be glad class was canceled, but I like this class. I like the professor. It's all of the good.

Tomorrow morning's class, on the other hand, could be canceled indefinitely and I wouldn't mind. Except that I need the credit. Oh well.

In other news, I have found myself swimming in a pool of denial lately. Not good for the mental health...but then again, the mental health issue is one that I'm denying, so I guess you can either see the glass as completely full, or entirely empty. I prefer not to see the glass at all.

That said, I make lists to help organize and make sure I actually finish things that are somewhat important, so this is only for myself.

- Finish laundry
- Read Berger for FIL1007
- Read "Riding the Bus With My Sister" for ENC
- Do "Discovering Arguments" assignment for ENC
- Do Terminator assignment for FIL2107

I was going to use this free time of no-class-ness to see Brokeback Mountain, but I might actually try to put the nose to the grindstone and finish at least the first two things on the list. I can always go to the movie tomorrow in the 7 and a half hours between my classes.
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City streets don't have much pity, when you're down, that's where you'll stay...

The Matador is coming to my Regal this Friday!

A bit of a pick-me-up. Also, I might have to see Annapolis purely for the eye-candy that IS James Franco. Oh, and Jordana Brewster isn't bad either.

Nanny McPhee also opens, but I don't know if I'll bend over backwards to see it. Colin Firth and my Emma might not be good enough to get me out to that one. Zut.
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I should have posted 40 minutes ago, but the chance y'all were reading right then to see this incredibly important post is slim.

Watch "Love Monkey."

Do it.

Rarely is there a show that I really look forward to watching. When a commercial comes on I get excited when I see there's still 20 minutes left of the show and I can't wait to see what happens next.

It's the same way I felt during season one of "Grey's Anatomy" and for the most part, still do.

Before that, I really can't remember a time when I loved a show this much.

In short:
Love Monkey - Tuesday, 10pm EST (CBS)
Grey's Anatomy - Sunday, 10pm EST (ABC)

Other than that, don't bother with modern television.**

**Okay, you can watch "CSI" and maybe a guilty pleasure reality show of your choice. I choose "Project Runway." 4 shows, that's my life.
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