January 18th, 2006

Sarah pretty

I've been funny, I've been cool with the lines. Ain't that the way love's supposed to be...?

Random Notes:
- As horrible as styrofoam is for the environment...it keeps soup quite toasty hot. Lovely. And I'm sure that Panera uses the most environmentally-friendly styrofoam.

- Also, if Rick Springfield thinks love is all about cool pick-up lines, it's a wonder he ever married.

Actual Entry:
On the way home from picking up Panera for lunch (my one splurge of the week...with Mama's money), I heard "Jesse's Girl" on the radio. This prompted my immediate playing of 13 Going on 30 when I returned to my apartment. Because could Jennifer Garner BE any cuter? I'm so excited for her new movie. She's just so lovely. And we established last night that I adore Judy Greer (even as an evil, back-stabbing bitch..."which do you want to be today? The pot or the kettle?") and Mark Ruffalo is sweet it makes my teeth hurt.

In other news, Caitlin called to say that she might come down to visit me for her Fall break. How excellent? Now I just need to find someone to come visit me for Spring Break this semester.

Oh! And last night I stayed up WAY too late...but I was writing and it's not good. But I might have an ounce of decent among a ton of dogshit...and anyone with the itch to write knows that that is excellent. So yay.
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Funny-ish stuff:

This morning on the radio they were discussing the new "Skating with Celebrities" reality show and the DJ said that nearing the fall of the Roman Empire everyone was obsessed with bread and the circus (cheap entertainment), and that we should be wary of our growing obsession with bad reality shows.

This made me think of singing the National Anthem with a hand over the heart. According to Eddie Izzard, Americans are the only people to do that outside of the Roman Empire.

There was something else, but I have currently forgotten.

I love this movie.
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Why is Anderson Cooper so cute? Like a grey-haired puppy. And those BEAUTIFUL eyes.


I think this opens the door for a whole new line-up of news anchors with sex appeal. I'm psyched!

EDIT: Oh, and Sark on "Alias" is HOT as well. He was on one episode of "CSI" last season and it was delightful.

EDIT, the second: OH MY! This "Alias" episode has Quentin Tarrantino! It's the season 3 come back of McKenas Cole. Sweeeeeet.
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Rob the Tool from last season is cameo-ing on Project Runway!

How excited am I?!

EDIT: I think the Orbitz gay travel commercial is hilarious. It's sad that it only airs on channels like Bravo.

EDIT, the second: Next week, Jay (McCarroll, winner of Season One) will be on as a guest judge! Yay! I was really tempted to buy a tote bag he designed from the Project Runway store. I know, I'm a loser. But it would be cute for carrying books to class. And pretty damn unique.

In other news, my Regal opens both The New World and Match Point (as well as Brokeback Mountain) this Friday. Yay!

I might have to see all three. Though I don't know if I can see Brokeback alone. For me, it was more emotional the second time than the first. So who knows what a third viewing would bring...
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